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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rwandans expelled from Tanzania get new promise of life back home

Rwandans expelled from Tanzania get new promise of life back home

Expelled Rwandans crossing back from Tanzania / Image via wordpress.com
Jul 22, 2014
KIGALI, Rwanda - Ms Odette Bayagambe, 39, had always considered Tanzania her home, until the afternoon of August 9, 2013 when Tanzanian security operatives attacked her home and forced her to leave the country.
"I had just taken goats to graze," she says. "As I stood in the middle of our banana plantation, four Tanzanian soldiers came to our home and shouted at me, 'Rudi Kwenu' [Kiswahili phrase meaning 'Go back home']".
She was forced out of Tanzania, leaving behind 30 goats, land plots, a three hectares cassava plantation, a banana plantation, her house and all other properties.
On July 19, 2013, Tanzania's President Jakaya Kikwete ordered all "illegal immigrants" be expelled after two weeks ultimatum.
More than 14,000 Rwandans were kicked out indefinitely. They had no opportunity to pack their properties or sell them. The victims say Tanzanian security operatives stormed villages, smashed houses, burnt some of them and looted properties.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jestico + Whiles to design Zanzibar hotel resort


Jestico + Whiles to design Zanzibar hotel resort

by Gavin Gibbon on Jul 21, 2014 

Architecture and interior design practice Jestico + Whiles has been appointed to design a new hotel resort for RSJ Private Equity, on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania.
Jestico + Whiles’ proposal is both ecologically and socially responsive, offering high-quality accommodation that responds to the local context.
Due to the limited infrastructure on the island and its need for self-sufficiency, Jestico + Whiles has created an ‘off-grid' resort.
The Uzuri Hotel Resort, anticipated to open in early 2016, will be a village resort including 60 individual cabanas and five larger villas, together with restaurants, bars, yoga, meditation spaces and massage cabanas.
The cabanas will make use of shade and sea breeze to help create a natural ventilation system within the hotel interiors. Rain water will be harvested and two wells will be built on site to pump salty water into a desalination plant, supplying clean, fresh water to the whole resort.
Jestico + Whiles’ design for the resort will make it the first hospitality scheme of its kind on Zanzibar.

Tanzania trumps critics over resolve

Any doubts about Tanzania’s resolve for East African integration have been put firmly aside, after the government ratified the East African Community Monetary Union Protocol. It is the first country to do so.

This is the blueprint for having a single currency and setting up a regional central bank to monitor monetary policy in all the member countries. Basically in about 10 years time, we will all be using the same currency which is one of most important pillars of a strong Common Market.
The Tanzania’s speed of approval will no doubt surprise some quarters. On several occasions, there have been unflattery mutterings that Tanzania has not been fully supportive of EAC integration. With this move, the challenge has been thrown back at these critics. And as Dr. Abdulla Saadalla, the deputy Minister for East African Cooperation  said in Dodoma, by being first to ratify, the Tanzanians have shown they are not a stumbling block.

How America's wealthiest families struck it rich

Want to build a billion-dollar dynasty that can last for generations? Our first-ever comprehensive ranking of America’s richest families can be your starting point.
To find out how the 185 wealthiest clans made their $1.2 trillion combined fortune, Forbes has looked at the industry composition of the companies behind these powerful dynasties. Among all sectors, retailing has the largest number of the country's billion-dollar clans.
A total of 29 billion-dollar retail families have a combined fortune of $233 billion, thanks to many well-known household names from clothing lines to department stores. The Waltons, America’s richest family who controls the country’s largest retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc., have a fortune of $152 billion and represent more than half of combined wealth of all the retailing dynasties. The Fisher family, who founded Gap Inc. and still holds 41% stake, is the second wealthiest retail giant ($10.2 billion). Four families make their fortunes selling groceries from their supermarkets: the Butts ($10.1 billion), the Meijers ($8.9 billion), the Jenkins ($5.2 billion), and the Wegmans ($3 billion).

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Captivating Zanzibar

Captivating Zanzibar

 Written by  in Zanzibar
Ali Ahmed al Riyami — Thanks to the multitude of scenic attractions, on land and sea, a rich heritage and culture, and a cosmopolitan make-up, Spice Island Zanzibar has succeeded in attracting droves of visitors and tourists ranging from West Asians, particularly from Oman, to Europeans and Americans.
Reflecting the importance of tourism to this Island nation’s economy, its tourism industry is its biggest income earner, earning more than even their lucrative agricultural sector.
It is no surprise, then, to see so many trendy, new and upcoming hotels, resorts and guesthouses that vary from the ultra-luxurious to economy-budget level, all around the Island of Zanzibar, and, to a lesser extent due to the focus on agriculture, in its sister Island of Pemba.




Balozi wa jamhuri ya muungano wa Tanzania Washington Dc na Mexico Liberata Mula mula akiwa kwenye picha ya pamoja na wagombea uongozi DMV, wajumbe wa bodi na wajumbe wa tume ya uchaguzi kwenye ofisi za ubaloi Washington Dc Ijumaa Julai 18.

Mh.Balozi akifungua kikao hicho.

Wajumbe wa bodi ya DMV Bw.Ulotu na Mama Kimolo wakifuatilia kikao hicho.

Mtei: Nililipwa mshahara sawa na Mwalimu Nyerere


Mtei ambaye pia aliwahi kuwa Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Fedha kabla ya kuteuliwa kuwa Gavana wa BoT alisema katika mazingira ya sasa hakuna kiongozi yeyote ambaye anaweza kukubali au kupunguza mshahara wake.PICHA|MAKTABA 

Alieleza kuwa ukimwondoa yeye na Mwalimu Nyerere, Serikali iliamua kuwapunguzia mishahara watumishi wengine wa kada nyingine serikalini ili kubana matumizi.
Arusha. Inawezekana likawa jambo nadra kutokea kwa sasa, lakini enzi za uongozi wa Mwalimu Julius Nyerere lilitokea.
Ni baada ya mwasisi huyo wa Taifa kuamua kwa hiari kupunguza mshahara wake kwa asilimia 10 ili kupunguza pengo baina ya maskini na wale wenye kipato cha juu, uamuzi ambao ulifuatwa na aliyekuwa Gavana wa Benki Kuu ya Tanzania (BoT) wakati huo, Edwin Mtei.
Mwaka 1968, Mwalimu Nyerere aliyekuwa akilipwa mshahara wa Sh5,000 kwa mwezi alikiona ni kiasi kikubwa ikilinganishwa na wengi wa watumishi na hivyo kuamua kukipunguza.
Mshahara huo wa Mwalimu Nyerere ni sawa na ambao alikuwa akilipwa pia Gavana Mtei. Kutokana na punguzo hilo, mishahara yao ilishuka hadi Sh4,500 kwa mwezi.
Akizungumza katika mahojiano maalumu na gazeti hili nyumbani kwake Tengeru, nje kidogo ya Mji wa Arusha Jumatatu iliyopita, Mtei alisema alifikia uamuzi huo wa kupunguza mshahara wake baada ya Mwalimu Nyerere kutangaza kupunguza mshahara wake.
Alisema: “Nilipunguza mshahara wangu tena kwa hiari yangu baada ya kuona Mwalimu Nyerere amepunguza wa kwake.”