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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Zanzibar to Have Library in Every District

Zanzibar — PLANS are underway to establish a modern library in each district, a move anticipated to encourage people to read, the Director of Zanzibar Library Services Corporation, Ms Sichana Haji Foum, has said.

She made the comments in the wake of growing concerns over declining reading culture among Zanzibaris and Tanzanians at large.

She said her office was thinking of other ways to encourage people to read books, reports, and magazines. "We need people to be informed through reading.

We think providing a library in each district may help," Ms Foum said, adding that the most effective way of getting knowledge is reading documents/ books and through the internet.

The Director said that the project is already under implementation, beginning in Pemba, where a district library has been opened with enough reading materials for both local people and students.

Firm Launches Kigamboni Town Project

THE Avic International Real Estate Limited launched a project to construct Avic town at Somangira area in Kigamboni, Temeke Municipality, in Dar es Salaam.
The Project Foundation Managing Director, Mr Liu Dexiang, said in Dar es Salaam that Avic focuses on development of integrated commercial real estate and high-end complex real estate.
"It is also involved in the development of mainstream urban residence and is seeking opportunities to develop in the field of industrial real estate and overseas real estate in the country," said Mr Liu.
The Deputy General Manager, Mr Lui Qi, said that their global strategic plan is to develop apartment projects, residential projects and complex projects in 15 countries, such as Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Laos, as well as expanding markets there.
On overseas real estate, we prioritise Africa and Asia as our key regions while studying on the development of Europe, America and Oceania.
"Tanzania is one of the countries that Avic intends to make a second home. From 2010, Avic International Oysterbay and Sea View apartments have been open to the public.
Now the company is putting efforts to invest in Tanzania, introducing Avic town in Kigamboni," said Mr Qi.

80-year-old grandpa earns law degree IN TANZANIA!

Lazaro Ole Kipeiyani, 80 years old, who graduated from Open University
in Arusha last weekend
. (Photo by Hazla Quire).
  • Attends ceremony on crutches due to accident after exam
By Hazla Quire
80 – year- old  Lazaro Ole Kipeiyani was among the 75 students who graduated  last weekend   from the Arusha Center of the Open University where he was taking a bachelor’s  degree in law.

He  attended the graduation ceremony on crutches support having  been involved in a hit-and-run accident last September. A Toyota Noah hit him while crossing the road as he was walking from the Open University Premises, returning home after writing examinations.

Some of the Open University graduates and members of staff posing for a photo. Seated third left is the Guest of Honour, Arusha’s Regional Commissioner, Daudi Felix Ntibenda
. (Photo by Hazla Quire)

 At the ceremony his wife  was supporting the  him in  his movements.  Despite his eight decades of life and recent accident, Ole Kipeiyani  was in bouncing health. He is a father of four and has four grandchildren .
Neither the accident nor his advanced age deterred him from attaining his lifetime ambition. “I used to help local residents to compile a number their legal writings before taking cases to courts,” he explained adding that the task prompted him to take law studies for real.
A former civil servant under various offices, Ole Kipeiyan is also a holder of Degree in Theological studies, though he did not clarify how he was making use of the latter. 

Dubai’s competitiveness ahead of regional peers

  • Call to tap opportunities to bring it on par with world economies
Dubai: Dubai is ahead of its regional neighbours in competitiveness, but further opportunities need to be tapped to bring its capabilities up to par with leading world economies, said a report prepared by Dubai Economic Council.

A factory in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. The emirate has undergone large scale transformation change and is in prime position to significantly grow further as it seeks to capitalise on its current economical, trading and financial success. — Supplied photo

The report, prepared in collaboration with Deloitte Corporate Finance Limited, argues that “Dubai’s goal post should be placed far away from its immediate regional neighbours, so as to catch up with global leaders in overall economic competitiveness, such as the two benchmark city economies of Hong Kong and Singapore.

Titled, “Financial Sector Development for Promoting Investment and Sustainable Growth in Dubai,” the report authored by Rajeev Patel, director and Panos Stavropoulos, manager in transaction services at Deloitte, said in order foster further growth and to achieve its potential, the respective financial, legal and governmental authorities seek to continue develop Dubai into a global leading financial and trading hub.

“A core component of this vision is the need to promote domestic and foreign investment in Dubai as a key contributor to economic activity and growth. Although Dubai currently surpasses its regional neighbours, there are further opportunities for development to enable it to compete more effectively with other leading global hubs,” the report said.

At the moment, the report notes, Dubai has boosted investor confidence and improved market activity following its win to host the Expo 2020 and the MSCI upgrade to emerging market status.  Dubai is ahead of other regional Arab economies, in both current and sustainable competitiveness but still lags behind the benchmark cities and advanced economies. 

Gorbachev warns of ‘hot’ war after sanctions

The last Soviet leader said the West’s decision to respond to the violence by blaming Russia and cutting it off from access to US and European capital markets threatened to spiral into open warfare with dire consequences across the world, say Anna Malpas and Dmitry Zaks     

Europe prepared on Thursday to draft even tougher sanctions against Russia over Ukraine as ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned against the danger of an increasingly isolated Kremlin fighting back.

The last Soviet leader’s words of caution came with the daily death toll in Ukraine’s separatist east spiking again with the nine-month war threatening to turn into a lasting conflict that keeps Europe on constant edge.

Gorbachev said the West’s decision to respond to the violence by blaming Russia and cutting it off from access to US and European capital markets threatened to spiral into open warfare with dire consequences across the world.

“Where will that lead all of us? A Cold War is already being waged openly.
What’s next?” the 83-year-old Nobel peace prize winner asked.
“Unfortunately I cannot say for sure that a Cold War will not lead to a ‘hot’ one.”

Pro-Russian insurgents last week pulled out of peace talks and announced a new offensive that was followed by a rocket assault on the strategic port of Mariupol in which 31 civilians died.

Rebel commanders later distanced themselves from the bloodshed despite being blamed for it by international monitors on site.

Time for Redefinition of SMEs in Oman

Muscat- “SMEs in Oman have matured,” said Dr Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidi while speaking to the Observer after delivering recommendations at the conclusion of the Symposium. The three days of SME Symposium saw the reflection of the two years implementations of Seih al Shamakat initiative on SMEs.