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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Maalim Seif ashambuliwa - Adaiwa kuiba waraka

Makamu wa Kwanza wa Rais wa Zanzibar, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad

Utetezi wa muundo wa Muungano wa serikali mbili katika mjadala wa katiba jana ulichukua sura mpya kwa kuelekeza mashambulizi mengi dhidi ya Makamu wa Kwanza wa Rais wa Zanzibar, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad kuwa ni mtu kigeugeua sawa na kinyonga.

Mashambulizi hayo yalianza asubuhi wakati Mohammed Seif Khatib alijadili sura ya kwanza na ya sita ya rasimu ya katiba, akimwelezea Maalim Seif kuwa ni mtu anayebadilika kama kinyonga, kiasi cha kudirikia kuiba nyaraka Ikulu iliku kuulinda Muungano wa serikali mbili, lakini sasa amegeuka na kusaka serikali tatu na Muungano wa mkataba.

Khatib alisema kuwa Maalim Seif aliwachongea viongozi wa Zanzibar, akiwamo Rais wa awamu ya pili, Abood Jumbe, ili kutetea Muungano wa serikali mbili.

Mbali na Jumbe, wengine wanaodaiwa kuchongewa na Maalim Seif mwaka 1984, ni Waziri Kiongozi mstaafu, Ramadhani Haji Fakhi, na Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali, Wolfgang Dourado, wa wakati huo.

Alisema Maalim Seif aliwashitaki viongozi hao kwa Baba wa Taifa, hayati Mwalimu Julius Nyerere na viongozi wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) kwenye mkutano wa Kamati Kuu (CC) ya chama hicho mwaka huo akidai kwamba walitaka kubadilisha katiba na kuwa na Muungano wa serikali tatu.

Khatib alisema Maalim Seif alidai kuwa Dourado alikuwa anasafiri kati ya London na Zanzibar ili kukashifu viongozi wa Muungano na kuwachochea watu wauchukie kuwa siyo wa halali.

Natalie Okri - Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent: Natalie just loves to sing - but this isn't just any little girl singing - she actually has talent!

Britain's Got Talent 2014

Published on Apr 19, 2014
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Not only can illusionist Darcy make doves appear out of nowhere, he also has an even bigger trick up his sleeve. Simon thinks the Judges have uncovered a star -- see if you agree.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



Tanzania: Debate On Draft Constitution Continues On Tuesday

The Flamboyant and the Magnificent Samuel Sitta who is now wallowing in deep 
shit is seen above left alone in the Assembly deeply thinking and excogitating upon his next move: whom to please, CCM die-hards or the people?

Dodoma  THE Constituent Assembly (CA) resumes its debate on Chapters One and Six of the Katiba draft here this morning, after a four-day Easter recess.
However, by Monday evening, it remained unclear as to whether a section of the self-anointed 'defenders' of Wananchi's Constitution (Ukawa), would return to the debating chamber as they walked out in protest last Wednesday.
Even with the Ukawa boycott last week, debates on Chapters One and Six of the Draft Constitution continued in the debating chamber on Thursday before breaking off for Easter holidays.
The debates that resume today are meant to last till Friday. It was earlier planned that voting on the two chapters would take place. After this phase of the assembly the members would break off for three months to give way to the Parliamentary marathon budget session.
Ukawa, which walked out before debates ended last week, comprises Chadema, CUF and NCCR-Mageuzi members in the CA as well as some 25 members of Group 201.
House Chairman Samuel Sitta had since Thursday attempted to roll out a hand of peace with Ukawa members, but confirmed at the time that convincing members of Ukawa to rejoin the Katiba Assembly was difficult.

Singapore Airlines unveils new first class cabins

Singapore Airlines, consistently ranked among the world's best carriers, unsheathes its new weapon in the battle for the lucrative first-class traveller.

Singapore Airlines unveils new First Class cabins

Singapore Airlines unveils new First Class cabins

File photo of a journalist inspecting a double bed first class suite during a media tour of the Airbus A380 superjumbo after it landed at Singapore's Changi Airport

Inside the World's Most Luxurious First Class Airline Cabins

Inside the World's Most Luxurious First Class Airline Cabins

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Global Human Trafficking, a Modern form of Slavery

Modern form of slavery is without shackles!
Global Research, April 15, 2014
Steve McQueen, director of this year’s Oscar winner for best film “12 Years A Slave,” mentioned in his acceptance speech last month that 21 million people are living in slavery today. That quoted figure comes from the 2012 report issued by the United Nation’s International Labor Organization (ILO) that has been attempting to gather international data for over a decade now. In the Asia-Pacific region where most of the world’s forced laborers come from at 56%, an estimated 11.7 million people, followed by Africa at 18% or 3.7 million people live in bondage. Considering that at the peak of America’s slavery prior to the Civil War that ultimately declared it illegal, the total was four million people, fathoming that over five times that number are currently suffering in slavery here in the twenty-first century, casts some serious doubts on whether us humans are evolving as a species at all.
The following statistics come from the 2012 ILF report. The global economic meltdown in recent years has only given rise to conditions ripe for escalation of modern slavery. A total of 18.7 million people or 90% become forced laborers in the private sector of individual homes or private enterprise as opposed to the 10% or 2.2 million people that suffer state-imposed forms of forced labor. Of those 18.7 million forced to work in private settings, 4.5 million (or 22%) are forced into sexual exploitation while 14.2 million (or 68%) are victims of forced labor such as in agriculture, domestic work, construction or manufacturing.
The most concentrated area of forced labor victimization is in central and southeastern Europe at 4.2 humans out of 1000 followed by 4 out of 1000 in Africa.